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Serious about buying a home?
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  • Market Updates - Learn about housing inventory changes as they hit the market

  • Private Tours - Schedule private tours of homes you are interested in

  • Buyer Hotline - Get all your real estate questions answered in 15 minutes or less

  • Consultation - Get all the details so you can plan your move and avoid the headaches 

Email so up to date listing details and provided tours can be delivered to your email in-box or mobile device.  Create your FREE  private account for immediate access to ALL the features and you can experience a seamless journey through home selection, closing and beyond.

Home Buyer Resources:

Free Credit Report (all links open in new window)
Home Buyer Resource Page
19 Creative Home Buying Strategies
There are likely to be strategies here you haven't thought of.
What to Expect During a Home Inspection  From finding an inspector to dealing with surprises--this is your guide to getting a house checked out.  
Understanding the Florida Real Estate Closing  (opens in new window) Where it occurs, what it means, what Buyers need to bring and much, much more.  
Client Welcome Kit 
FREE House Hunting Checklist printable below helps you feel prepared and confident throughout the home buying process.  Answers questions like:  When is the right time to buy? how do we choose a neighborhood? How do you negotiate into a home and not out of it.


Are you Saving for a Downpayment?

Downpayment assistance may help you get into a home sooner.

Are you currently renting?  Saving for a down payment?  You may qualify for down payment assistance even if you have owned a home before.

Low Credit scores?  There is help for that too.  Too much debt?  It may be possible to clear some debt during the lending process.

Are you willing to take an online class?  Would you believe you might actually be able to buy a home with little more than an income tax refund?  Begin by going here to see if you are eligible (Opens in new window):  down payment assistance.

Downpayment help to buy your home
Cutting edge, and efficient Buyer Services include:
Paperless transactions
Virtual showings
Lender recommendation, but you choose
Inspector recommendation, but you choose
Availability for phone calls and meetings
Direct phone line communication
Remote-closings when needed

Closing attendance with you
Follow up post closing

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