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If requested, here is the code to access my mobile app: D695BDC6.

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At Home or On the Go:  Experience my FREE consumer home search tools.  Explore markets, neighborhoods and properties like never before.  Sign up to create your account to take advantage of all the features of the timely real estate data trusted by mortgage banks, insurance companies and federal agencies. 

  • Market Updates - Learn about housing inventory changes as they hit the market

  • Private Tours - Schedule private tours of homes you are interested in

  • Buyer Hotline - Get all your real estate questions answered in 15 minutes or less

  • Consultation - Get all the details so you can plan your move and avoid the headaches

  • No cost or obligation. 

Do you prefer starting fresh with a new home and everything brand new and pretty much worry free for many years?  Then new construction is for you!  Use this search feature then call me so we can go shopping together.  I may have insight about available suitable homes and neighborhoods that are not showing up in this search

Search New Homes Here:

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