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Five Home Selling Strategies for Selling Faster in 2020

In 2020, it pays to be strategic when selling your Tampa home.  2020 is expected to be a year of changing real estate markets so If you are thinking of putting your home on the market in 2020 we have some ideas to share with you.

  1. Preparation Strategy--It is best, in any market, for your home to be move-in ready for the next owner BEFORE it goes on the market. Buying a home is an emotional undertaking and Buyers warm up to properly prepared homes. Depending on your home's condition, it can take weeks of deep cleaning, decluttering, making repairs and painting. We have many tips to share for getting your home ready for sale.

  2. Timing Strategy--My recent research for a townhome community near SR56 Outlet Mall indicated more units sold during May-June-July and had less days on market (for two years in a row) than at any other time of year.  Spring and early Summer are great times to sell because children are out of school and more people move during that time.  Assuming the market is not flooded with homes like yours in your neighborhood any time is a good time to sell in Florida, but we will share our research for your neighborhood with you.

  3. Pricing Strategy--Smart Sellers will have a pricing strategy and will be Pricing their homes right in 2020.  I recommend Price it Hot!  Contact me for a free download.

  4. Home Showing Strategy--Being flexible about showings will surely reward you with a quicker sale. Post-Covid19 Epidemic we are following CDC guidelines, industry best practices and we are using a 4-step showing system to help our Sellers get a higher price in less time with less foot traffic and more qualified buyers.

  5. Replacement Home Strategy.--It's a good idea to have a plan for your next home whether it is around the corner or across the country.   We will help you create a plan for your next home before yours goes on the market.  After all, if you strategize for a quick sale, you could be moving in 30 days or so. 

  6. And Bonus Strategy:  Selling your home is not for Amateurs.   Yes you need a real estate agent in 2020.  Choose a competent agent to list your home.  Real estate transactions have challenges caused by multiple offers, negotiations, title work, and the buyer financing process.  With more than 100 homes Sold and many Buyers helped,  Marshall-Schenck Group is experienced and competent.  We are up to the challenge.  We will help you as you get your home ready to sell, review offers and be with you every step of the way during transaction processing all the way to closing.

If you plan to sell in 2020, contact us for an in-home or zoom strategy session.   The Marshall-Schenck Group is a family small business.  We offer a very competitive brokerage fee structure for full service home Seller representation. We can be reached at 813-956-2156

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