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June is Home Ownership Month

My Web Page has been completely redone in an effort to make it more user friendly for ALL. M Blog page is also brand new. Please check back often as I plan to add new content frequently, hopefully weekly.

June is #HomeOwnershipMonth, so this is a great time to talk about all the #benefitsofhomeownership and #downpaymentassistance programs.

Guess what? If you are renting, you are buying a home but it will never be yours!

Of course there are many reasons for renting but a goal of home ownership when the time is right is a very good idea. I love helping people get ready to buy but I don't push! One needs a certain amount of life stability even if #buyingaTampacondo with little maintenance.

A home offers financial benefits.

Home ownership is great for neighborhoods and families.

If you are saving up for a down payment, you should see if you qualify for #downpaymentassistance. (Opens in new window)

If you have questions about #BuyingaHome in the Tampa Bay Area, Talk to me. I could help you with the process. I am easy to reach and approachable. Call 813-956-2156 or email me (Opens in new window)

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