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You Want How Much to Sell My Home?

Should a $400,000 property seller pay the same brokerage fee percentage as a $200,000 property seller?

We don't think so. We don't think it is fair because the work and expense is substantially the same for the agent taking the listing, with a few exceptions. That is why we offer flexible fees and ChoicePLUS--four different marketing plans with a menu of services.

Honestly, there has to be additional advertising expense for a higher priced property but that cost does not necessarily relate dollar for dollar to the fee percentages brokers typically quote. Statistics show that the multiple listing service sells properly priced and prepared homes via listing syndication to 100's of large and small websites worldwide. Brokerage firms, individual agents, local, state, and national realtor associations, not to mention sites like Zillow, Trulia and, all host listings and offer search tools for Buyers to use. Buyers search for homes on the internet, Agents show them homes and they buy the home that best fits their needs, wants and budget.

This is why we urge Sellers to think of their home as a product when they sell, one that

competes with other homes on the market. Watch my YouTube video about home preparation for sale:

$600,000 x *2% is $12,000.00

$400,000 x *2% is $ 8,000.00

$200,000 x *2% is $ 4,000.00

*Represents listing agent fee for comparison purposes. You would decide (with my counsel of course) how much you want to offer a buyer's agent for their services.

No other agents are more concerned with helping you sell your Tampa Bay Area Home faster for the most net and the least stress and aggravation than Kathy Schenck and Diana Marshall, Marshall-Schenck Group at People's Choice Realty Services, LLC. Our services are guaranteed and we'll put it in writing.

Selling now or in the near future? Call, text, instant message or email us for a FREE consultation and specific information about our services. You'll be glad you did.

We guarantee to advertise your home until it's SOLD!

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