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Survey Says: Double Kitchen Sink and Walk In Pantry Top Buyer List of Essential or Desirable

That's right, according to a recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey, home buyers want a double sink and a walk-in pantry in their kitchen. These two items were rated essential or desirable by 81 percent of buyers. Go here to read the rest of the Article.

This is a comprehensive report including home buyer preferences for many other features. The report is broken down by Census division, age, generation, race/ethnicity, income, priced expected to pay for the home, household composition, and first-time vs. repeat buyer, not to mention a complete description of the survey design and sampling methodology. Go here if you wish to purchase the full study.

It is important when selling your home to consider home buyer preferences. It is a good idea to make improvements to, and market your home to, demographics with preferences that match your property whenever possible. For example, a wine cooler and central kitchen island are deemed important to younger generations but not so much by older buyers.

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